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File extension DO most commonly refers to a Java Servlet file, and is used by supporting web servers to generate dynamic web pages. The DO file extension is also used to denote a 4oD playlist,, and is used by Channel 4's video on demand service which is available online or through selected digital television services. Though much less common, the DO file extension is also used by ModelSim, a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) simulator, and legacy DOS 3.3 disk images.

A Java servlet is a class which extends or enhances the capabilities of the host application server. Typically, parameters will be passed to the servlet in the form of a request, which will then generate a response based on the supplied data. This response will usually be dynamically generated content in HTML or XML format. Java servlets provide similar functionality to other web-based languages such as PHP or ASP.NET in that they can be used to generate web pages and content dynamically based on user input. Java servlets use the DO file extension, and may be found in various web-based applications such as online banking.

Channel 4's video on demand service also uses files with the extension DO, though these are used to store playlists containing links to programmes and films which can be streamed and watched either on a PC with the 4oD software, or through a digital television service such as Virgin Media or Tiscali TV. Most DO playlist files are ASX playlists albeit with a different file extension, so renaming the file may allow it to be opened with a wider range of applications.

Java servlet files with the DO extension can be run on a web server with support for JavaServer Pages (File extension JSP). Using the associated web application via a standard web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Mozilla FireFox will then utilise the servlet and its output displayed.

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